Construction Materials Production

Composite Chemistry And Electromechanical Materials Industry And Trade Inc.

As a member of Erdem Holding, Kompozit Kimya A.S. has started up its operations in April 2004 and presented its products by registering them with the NFG trade mark.


Dörken Sistem Conctruction Materials And Recycable Raw Materials Ind. And Trade Inc. Co.

Erdem Holding and Dörken GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading building materials producer in Europe, has joined forces with the joint venture agreement signed on February 4, 2005. This agreement results in the establishment of Dörken Sistem Inc as of April 2005 to operate in the construction industry. Dörken Sistem started its activities by offering Turkish Construction sector Dörken’s DELTA branded waterproofing and drainage systems for roofs, facades and foundations.