ABOUT US Erdem Holding


Erdem Holding was founded for the purpose of bringing together companies, which are active in the imports and marketing of various industrial and commercial products under the umbrella of Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem's leadership from 1965 to date; as one of Turkey's leading companies in the fields of telecommunications, energy, construction and building materials, real estate, production, recycle and waste management.


ERDEM HOLDING is the core of GENPA which has started up business activities in 1978 and has made important contributions to Turkey's GSM sector since 1993 with current activities from 2021 onward conducted with 31 companies and one foundation (Erdem Foundation) under its roof. It has achieved rapid growth parallel to the dynamic, innovative and vital trend followed by the Turkish economy over the recent years. 


As on of the leading groups taking part in the competitive transformation of our national economy, ERDEM HOLDING follows a development strategy which is based on total quality and consumer oriented supreme responsibility in leading products and services as required in today's competitive environment. ERDEM HOLDING is also serving successfully as the representative of many national and international institutions in addition to its broadening construction, distribution and manufacturing portfolio and takes pride in its contributions to the national economy through international partnerships from the Iday of its foundation up to the present. ERDEM HOLDING treats the issue of entering into partnership with corporations which are worldwide leaders in their sector with sensitivity. 


The approach stems from ERDEM HOLDING's sensitivity to offer to the national economy state-of-the-art technological products and the best possible service. The concept of manufacturing and service at international standards which constitutes the most basic approach among the Group's fundamental principles since 1965 has been instrumental in carrying our present achievements to the future and strengthening our future achievements. The Group builds its growth strategy on the perception that new ventures depend on new investments. 


What is considered to be first and foremost is to make a contribution to the national economy and provide service respectful of people. This concept is the most basic factor that has propelled ERDEM HOLDING to new achievements and investments in the past and future.